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I'm not bored.... REALLY!!

1. Currently, what is your favourite song?
For quite some time now, it's been Elysium by Scott Brown, but I do lurve The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
2. Name a special toy/doll and why it is special.
My teddy bear, Grapes. Cuz he's been with me my WHOLE life, and I can't sleep without him, and he's the only person that doesn't talk back to me! *lol*
3. What kind of Gum do you like?
The Trident in the light blue package. I would like Juicy Fruit alot more if it stayed juicy, longer.
4. What kind of computer do you have?
HP... Hewlett Packard for those of you who don't follow the abbreviations.
5. What is on your left side?
My left ear, eye, nostril, arm, fingers, leg toes... and bum cheek! Oh wait... did you mean to the left of me?....
6. What kind of animal represents you?
Umm, a dog... cuz... I don't know why. A dog is the only animal I like, so naturally I'm going to put that.
7. Who knows you the best?
Well, my mom obviously. But nextly, Eryn
8. Name a time when you felt like you were on Cloud Nine.
When I was in love.
9. If I were to give you a picture of me, what would you say?
Umm, who are you?
10. What do you do when you get depressed?
Listen to sad music, then hug my puppy.
11. Who do you think likes you for who you are?
Well, I would like to think everyone... don't they?
12. What do you think of Pasta PoRn?
Considering I don't know what you're talking about... I cannot answer the question.
13. How many posters do you have in your room?
Right now, just 2. But you just wait till later!!
14. How many mirrors do you have in your room?
1 I think. Yes, 1.
15. Describe your bathroom.
Eeeek. It's a mess right now. But it's got blue rugs, a shower, 2 sinks, some cupboards, a medicine cabinet, tons of make up and hair stuff, a little pull out mirror above the ducky towels! An orange stool... and... that's about it.
16. What would you do if I were to give you a naked picture of a Bush...George.
Not look at it.
17. Would you make friends with Bart Simpson, or immediately hate him because he�s Asian?
What? Bart Simpson is Asian? Maybe I should start paying more attention to that show...
18. Do you like incense? Which flavour?
Flavor? Don't you meant scent.... anywayz, I like Dream [from the gap] and vanilla
19. Describe one of the clocks in the house.
It's kinda octangonal... and it's got a white background with brass trim, and black hands and letters. Kinda plain.
20. Do you wear any jewelry? Nipple rings doesn�t count =�.
Darn. j/k. I have 2 earring in my right ear. And I usually wear a watch.. if THAT counts.
21. What would you do if I were to come visit you without notice?
Be kinda creeped out. No, no. I would be creeped out.
22. Name a song that�s memorable and why.
Roses are red by Aqua. Cuz the me and the other 3 amigos used to listen to that song everytime we were together.
23. Who is the weirdest person you ever known? In and outta chat.
I'm going to have to say Dylan. He was really messed up. Like beyond words.
24. Describe your favorite sock.
I have SOOO many, you want me to pick one?? OK. Well, right now, I lurrrrve my rainbow colored fuzzy ones with the grippies and Tweety bird on them. They keep my tootsies warm at night =)
25. What shampoo do you use and what flavor?
I don't get this "flavor" thing... scent and flavor are different... you're getting them confused. Nonetheless... I used Pantene Pro V... and it's SCENT is... Pantene Scent... I guess.
26. Name the farthest place you�ve ever been to. When yer conscious, mind you.
Ummm, California. Ya. That's the furthest.
27. What is your favourite chocolate candy?
I love Crunchie bars.. and Crispy Crunches! *drool*
28. Your favorite hard candy?
I would have to say Campinos... I muchly prefer the Life Saver Creme Savers, but they don't have those here in Canada.
29. Describe your favourite supernatural creature. (i.e. vamps, witches)
I thought Leslie Neilsen was funny when he played that vampire in the movie. Other than that, I don't believe it all that shite.
30.What is your favourite number?
I don't really have one. I always use 33, or 1979 if I have to... cuz them are SP numbers.
31. What is your favourite shirt?
Ummm, it's not really a shirt. I think they call them Dusters. It's a red, long, hooded sweater. It's so comfy and warm, and red is my color!
32. What is the longest time that you�ve peed?
I don't exactly remember, but it was prolly something close to like a minute or so.
33. Name something that people most admire about you. No essays please =�
I would say my sense of humor... but I really don't know. No one's ever really told me what.. or even if they admire me.
34. Name a person that can make you smile even when you are depressed.
Eryn, definetly.
35. Name a favourite iceream.
I'm not a big fan of ice cream. But I do like cookie dough [ice cream!]
36. MacDonalds or Burger King?
Mickey D's baby!
37. What is your favourite colour of grapes.
Hands down, no contest. RED!!!
38. Your favourite picture?
The one of me and That Other Girl. I look really good.
39. What picture is your mouse pointer?
The regular, ole. Arrow.
40. Do shampoo bottles hurt?
If you drop them on your toe, yes. Definetly.
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