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You can get your kicks... on route 66! [Was that a Zellers commercial??]

I got to go shopping today! And I went HOG wild!! I got a really cool window picture frame, where there's like... 2 little windows.. and they open up! And I bought the last book in my series. All the bathroom products that I needed... and I almost bought 2 shampoos! How stupid would that have been?? It wasn't like clothes shopping or anything, which is fine, cuz of all the California stuff, y'know. But it was nice to spend money!!
We also got our passport pictures taken.... hah, that was a laugh and a half! Mine turned out the best.. and mine is hideous but whatever, no one is really going to see it.

I still haven't got around to cleaning my room. I'll prolly do that tonight, cuz Eryn isn't going to be online =( So I don't have much to do.

Speaking of cleaning, I hate the guys in this family. They can't do ANYTHING. Well, especially Chris. The basement is always a mess, food, dirty clothes, just general shit everywhere. He doesn't LIVE in the basement, so he's got no right to do whatever he wants down there. We come home today, and no one's fed OR watered the dogs, there's garbage remains of whatever Chris bought this afternoon laying around on the counter. He's just a dirty slob, and I"m getting sick of having to clean up after him. Seriously.

Argh. The dogs are annoying me too!!!!!
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