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Money means NOTHING to me!

I'm checking out right now, seeing what they've got for computer. Seems not much is online. I'll check out next, I know I wanna get an HP, and I'll prolly get it from Future Shop, cuz I know they always back up their products. Like when the hard drive blew on this one, they had it fixed within a couple of days. And we've had HP's for the last couple of years, and didn't have nearly as many problems as when we had the NEC.

I'm also thinking that I want this way before January... and I really don't see why I couldn't. I have many options. One being using my mastercard, and just paying it monthly, or putting it on dad's Future Shop card, and paying him installments. Thing is, mom's worried about me not having money for California... I'll have 3 months of work behind me by the time we go, and there's nothing I would be buying in the mean time (besides the computer) It would just be so much easier for me. I would much rather sit in my room and compute, than sit down here. And I wouldn't have to have all these stupid passwords, cuz it would be my own, and I wouldn't have to worry about all the security shit. Altho, then mom would have to get a hub... and i don't know if she would do that until she gets hers. I'm sure I'll prolly have to end up waiting =(

Eryn, you have a hub.. what did it cost? Was it hard to hook it all up?


I still haven't even attempted to get ready for work. I had a shower, but I didn't want to get dressed, cuz then I would be dressed for almost 2 hours, and I want to wear those clothes as little as possible! Speaking of which, I gotta buy some more stuff... I don't wanna wear the same thing alll the time... plus I need shirts with collars, cuz the stupid apron gave me a HUGE ass rash. Grrrrr.

Time to get motivated!!
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