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I feel like doing sum of these babies!!

1.Full name: Melissa Ann Carver
2.nicknames: Not many actually, just Miss! [I WANT MORE NICKNAMES!] and state born in: This things are SOO racist... to Canadians... I was born in the city of St. Albert in the PROVINCE of Alberta
4.state you live in now: I live in the PROVINCE of Alberta
5.birthdate: 04/28/83
6.astrological sign: The bull headed Taurus University of Melissa
8.hobbies: Computing, earing of music [listening!] and writing. And recently, I've adopted the hobby of reading.
9.sports that you play/enjoy: I like watching hockey, playing and watching golf, and playing badminton... only with Eryn tho. Oh, volleyball is fun to play too =)
10.height: 5 '4"
11.shoe size: 7 - 8
12.righty or lefty: Righty all the way baby!

1. What do you think of the way you look?: Don't like it at all.
2. What do you think about your attitude?: I think I've got a good attitude, I'm a nice person, and I try hard. I can be a bitch if I wanna tho.
3. What do you think about life after death?: It doesn't exsist.
4. What do you think about karma?: Buncha BULL SHITE. My aura is purple I tell ya.
5. What do you think about love?: It's a pretty amazing feeling, more so if it's 2 sided
6. What do you think about fate?: I don't think fate exsists. [Tangent: My speakers are sounding DAMN good today]
8. What do you tell yourself if times get hard?: I just keep reminding myself of something I have to look forward too... and I think of what my mom always says.
9. What would you give your life for?: My family... more so my mom! And my friend. Ya, frienD. Only one! *lol*
10. What do you think about your first love?: I think of him alot... actually I had a dream about him last night... wtf?!? He was kewl.
11. What do you think about the first person that loved you?: See above!
12. What are you scared of?: You really wanna know? Thunderstorms, spiders, the dark, Eryn's basement... and my brother's room!
13. What was the saddest moment of your life so far?: When I found out my mom was sick.
14. What would life be without friends?: Wouldn't be worth living, I'll tell ya that much.
15. Without family?: Dead, I COULDN'T live without my family, as much as I don't like them sometimes.

*The Dream Side of You*
1.Do you dream a lot at night?: Usually yes, when I'm super tired, and warn out, I usually don't tho.
2.Do you dream in black and white, or color?: I think color.
3.Do you remember any of your dreams?: Alot of them, ya.
4.Where is your dream make out spot?: I don't know... I don't really have one... maybe a beach, or a park or something. I like those places.
5.What is your dream kiss like?: I never really thought about it.... with someone I love... that's all that really matters I think.
6.What is your dream job?: Working in the music industry... anything.
7.Where is your dream house?: California, or right here in Edmonton =)
8.Where is your dream vacation?: Oh god...... Paris, London, Australia, Mexico. You name it, I wanna go... cept like retarted places... like Guatamala... no offense to Guatamala.
9.Do you believe that your dreams are a gateway to your soul?: No, not really... if that were true, I'd have a very fucked up soul.

1.Parents names: Tina and Allan
2.Do you live with both of them?: I surely do!
3.Any siblings? If so, names and ages: Chris, age 16.
4.Do you get along with your siblings?: Actually, we get along very well now. Suddenly 2 years, isn't alot of age difference.
5.Do you get along with your parents?: Very well. My mommy and daddy are the 2 best people on this earth.

*Do you...*
1.Do you write in a journal or diary?: Umm, I must be high... what's this thing I'm writing in??.....
2.Do you keep an organizer?: I tried, during school, but it confused me more.
3.Do you believe in love at first sight?: No, not really... more like LUST
4.Do you believe that every person has one soul mate: Less and less I believe that.
5.Do you believe in God?: NO!!!!!! Don't even get me started on THAT one.
6.Do you believe in everyone (even the beyond helpless)?: No, I don't. I'm not all generous and caring and shit like that! I'll be the first to admit.
7.Do you believe in having a good education?: Umm, I do... but I don't follow the belief!
8.Do you believe in horoscopes?: I read em' but dont' really believe in them [Tangent: Elysium is like THEE best song ever.. have I mentioned that before? *smirk*]
9.Do you believe in yourself?: Well, sorta I guess. A little. I 45% believe in myself, let's put it that way.
10.Do you shower daily?: But of course!
11.Do you like this survey so far?: It's actually quite interesting.
12.Do you like the person that sent you this?: I stole it actually... from someone I don't know.... so I can't really answer the question.
13.Do you cry easily?: Why yes, yes I do!
14.Do you believe in Heaven?: Kinda... but I'm not really sure. I know there's a good place the good people go, but I don't necessarily believe it's heaven.
15.Do you believe in hell?: Same as above. But change "heaven" to "hell"
16.Do you believe in reincarnation? Didn't you already ask me this? What did I say? Shite. No, not really.

1.favorite day of the week: Umm, I like Friday and Saturday alot
2.favorite ice-cream: I don't like ice cream all that much, but if I have to eat it, Iike cookie dough
3.favorite movies: Christmas Vacation, Summer Vacation, Night at the Roxbury, Romeo + Juilet, Armageddon, blah blah blah....
4.favorite actors: Hmm... Bruce Willis, Nic Cage, Tim Robbins.
5.favorite actresses: Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie
6.favorite quote: I'm not sure that I can pick one... I have alot. Sorry guys.
8.favorite music groups: Smashing Pumpkins, Garbage, Silverchair, Alien Ant Farm, Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182,
9.favorite music singers/rappers: Heather Nova, Nina Gordon, Madonna, Eminem.
10.favorite holiday: Christmas baby!!
11.favorite season: Summer, definetley summer =)
12.favorite colors: Red, blue, black and hot pink!
13.favorite flowers: I like... dead roses.... I know that's kinda twisted... I just think they hold better memories when they're dead.
14.favorite book: I don't really have a favorite book... I have fond memories of the Sweet Valley Series! SHUT UP!
15.favorite school subject: I didn't like any of them! I liked English up until grade 12. So we'll go with that.

*When you hear ___ you think of..*
1. Baseball: Telus Field
2. Jeff: Doust, from grade 7.
3.Dog: Axel!
4.Warm apple pie: American Pie!
5.Socks: How dirty mine are from not wearing shoes at work
6.Fish: All the fish I scanned at work today
7.Nail: How i wanna paint mine.
8.Amanda: My fuck-up for a cousin. AmanDUH
9.Swimming: Chantel Oswald.. she swims alot.
10.Bologna: Pig Penis
1.Giant Eagle: That commercial where the Eagel is getting his eyes checked. Funny stuff!
12.A nun: Mother Theresa... even tho she wasn't a nun... was she?
13.The # 69: That's sooo immature.
14.School: Shep... and how I kinda miss it...


6.Is the funniest: Eryn!
7.Do you tell your dreams to: Eryn
8.Do you tell your fears to: Eryn
9.Do you go to for advice: I don't usually go for advice.. but Eryn
10.Have you dreamt about: I don't usually dream about my friends...
11.Knows everything about you:Eryn
12.Do you tell your secrets to:I don't have many secrets.. but Eryn [I'm noticing a pattern here....]
13.Is the most shy: None shy friends thankyouverymuch... well Sabrina is kinda shy... she's my friend!
14.Is the loudest: Eryn!
15.Can't you live without: Eryn
16.Is the most trendy: Eryn, cuz she got Old Navy shit now!!
17.Can be the most annoying: Hmm, none are annoying... otherwise I wouldn't be friends with em!
18.Lives the farthest away from you: Eryn =(
19.Lives closest to you: Ashley
20.Are you most like: Eryn! We share a brain... according to me...
21.What do you look for in a friend?: Someone crazy like me, intellegent.. unlike me... and F-U-N.

1.boyfriend/girlfriend's name: N/A
2.crush: For once, I actually don't have one
3.where does that special someone live?: N/A
4.things you like in the opposite sex: Sense of humor, trust worthy.
5.when was your first kiss: 9th grade
6.are you a virgin: Yup
7.the most romantic thing anyone has done for you was: Umm, umm.... I don't know! I can't remember.. prolly nothing.
9.first boyfriend/girlfriend: Chris... I can't remember his last name... Chris #1, cuz there was Chris #2

*Creative Q's*
1.If you had the choice to spin around the sun, or walk on the moon, which would you choose and why?: Spin around the sun... cuz it sounds cooler... and i like hot better than cold.
2.What color do you think best describes you and why?: Blue.. cuz blue can be a happy color, or a sad color. It can be an ugly blue, or a pretty blue.
3.If you could be doing anything right now, what would you be doing: Hanging with Eryn, or shopping!
4.Would you ever share you heart completely with someone else? If yes- who~* if no- why not?: I would... I don't know with who, cuz I haven't met that person yet.
5.Which sense could you not live without, and why?: Hearing, I couldn't live without music.
6.Have you ever written on a mirror? If so what did you write?: Of course I have! I prolly just wrote my name or something... or the name of the boi I lurrved at the time.
7.If you could change one thing you did in the last 24 hours, what would it be and why?: Telling that lady she hadda pay for the bag... she went effing PSYCHO
8.Do you prefer sleeping outside beneath the night sky, or your cozy bed indoors?: I love the comforts of my bed.. in the winter. But in the summer, I'd much rather sleep outside.
9.What is the most beautiful thing in the world?: A sleeling puppy.
10.Name one person whose changed your life for the better: Eryn, she made me realize I could live w/o Stupid Girl.. and I'm much happier now.
11.What can someone do to you that would turn you on fully- physically or mentally- or both?: Talk to me all night long.
12.If you knew you were going to pass away within the next few days, what would be
the last thing you say, and who would you say that to?:
I would write a letter to my mom, and my gramma telling them everything I think about them. I wouldn't be able to say it, cuz there would be too much.
13.What is one thing that can make you smile no matter what mood your in?: Eryn's "said" page... and Happy Hardcore music.
14.If you could meet anyone, past or present, dead or alive, who would you meet and why?: I wanna meet my dad's real parents.
15.And finally, what makes you you?: My sense of humor, and understanding. And my stupid laugh/snort... you don't hear many of those!

*Whoa! That took like almost... 2 hours!*
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