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Vannnnnilaaaaaa *drool*

Ya, stupid-girl-at-work-whom-I-don't-know-her-name told me that I worked at 10:00 am this morning, so I get there, and Linda's like "Hmm, you don't work till 10:30" And ya know, that's what I thought too, but I tought I would be careful and check, as not to fuck up. I don't know who told me that, but I know the she's the one who yelled at us about the produce codes, and she talks to everyone like they're 5. WHORE

I realized just how much I didn't want to work today, and felt dumb for saying that I would come in early, so I told them I felt sick this morning, and asked if at all possible, could I leave early. And when I went to go for my second break, Danielle caught me as i was going upstairs and told me that I could leave! Yay! I worked 5 hours, which was more than my actual scheduled shift.

And I was pleasantly surprised when I went to check next weeks schedule, and I only work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! So I get Saturday and Sunday off, and then Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.... I don't think I'm working Friday it says ROD/ in the box, and I don't know what that means. Chris' show is that day, and I really hope that me and Eryn get to go!

I so seriously need to go get new shoes. I wore my Etnies yesterday, for the 9 hours, my feet didn't even really hurt at all, but today, like 3 hours into the shift, I hadda taken them off cuz my tootsies were aching so bad. I guess I'll just have to put up with it for tommorow, and then I'll get some new ones on Saturday. I was hoping that they had some high tech looking Nikes, like the red ones and blue ones, cuz I'd much rather wear those than stupid loafers or somethign like that. My name is Melissa, and I am a dork

I'm so giddy cuz Eryn told me about International next year.. it's like 330 some days away, but I cannot wait until we go! It's going to be so much fun. I just love going on road trips, the drive is the best part! Especially if you have someone fun to drive it with, and there's no one funner than Eryn, lemme tell you that. We have hella fun just driving around Millhood... we drive in the day, so it's fun, not scary.

I can hear my dirty room calling my name, it's saying "HELP! I can't breath, all these clothes are suffocating me! And Mr. Bed is crying cuz his sheets are all twisted up!" Honestly, that's what it's saying. If I could stand for longer than 3 minutes without being in excruciating pain, I would clean it. I will before 9:00. That's when FRIENDS is on!! That's my absolute favorite show of all time. I start to chuckle just thinking about it tonight! Miss = Dork

Snack time!! And coke of course.
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