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Suck my bUm!

I'm bored... and tired... and sore... could I complain any more? Why, yes! My dog is retarted. A job that, under normal circumstances, should take roughly 20 minutes, took almost 45. It's REALLY hard to vacuum with 80lbs of dead weight attached to the hose. Believe me. Take my word for it.

Work was ok today, long... but I shouldn't think that, cuz tommorow is gonna be ever worse. 9 hours baby. 9 effing hours. Well... technically 8, cuz I get an hour, unpaid lunch. But lemme just tell you this, I really don't like MJ... we were told by her, Danielle, Stephanie... EVERYONE that you should never hesitate to call a supervisor, it's better to get them there, instead of screwing something up. And that's what I did, but everytime I called MJ, [which was only like... twice] it was this big production, and she always sounded so annoyed. Yet when I call Linda, she's so happy, and cheerful. But I think I did impress MJ when she came around and told us 10 minutes, and she went to explain that I should do the bundles like right now and I just said "Already done" she seemed surprised... ya, I think I more surprised her than impressed her.

Loma told mom that she was watching me yesterday, and she said I was just winging stuff thru... and then Loma told the girl in the hair place who I was [Frank's neice] and she was watching me too, and said she couldn't believe that it was only my second day, so does that mean I'm doing good? I don't know... no one's really told me! I can hope so... I know that I don't dread it all that much.

Oooo, I was so pissed this morning... dad was sposta wake me up when he left, so that I was semi-concious, but he failed to do so... so guess what time I woke up.... GUESS yes, tha'ts right 8:35... work at 9... getting picked up at 9:40. I was impressed. Yet I pulled myself together quite nicely... even tho I forgot my lock... but whatever. I really wish that we could wear running shoes or.. something like that, cuz my feet are killing me right now, very badly. Maybe I could get a doctors note or something like that... I know Dr. Chan would do something like that for me =)

I so desperatley want my computer... like not in January... not in December... not in November... NOW! I'm so sick of catering to everyone else's needs. But if I invest in one right, then I don't know how much money I'll have in December... not that I'm planning on spending thousands of dollars in California... but I'm sure I'll blow a fair chunk of it. I'm a Natural Born Shopper.. what can I say?

Holy hell, I needa cut my nails! And put hand lotion on, I cleaned the sink out, and scrubbed it with an SOS pad... now my hand feels like an SOS pad. Gruff.

Ciao for now.
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