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More self-discovery... not like THAT perv-o.

How pure are I?

19-25 points. Typical Teen. You tend to alternate between staying out of trouble and experimenting with new things. You try to be good but sometimes your curiosity and rebellious nature get the best of you. It�s natural to wonder what life has in store for you but enjoy being your age while you still can. There�s plenty of time for experimentation as you get older.


What kind of friend am I?

26 - 32 points: All that can be said is that you make the perfect friend! You don�t do all the talking because you are just as busy listening. You�re willing to share your favorite sweater or give up a guy for your friend. That really says a lot about how honest and caring you are. Just keep being your fun lovable self


How high maintenance am I?

27 - 45 points: You aren�t HIGH maintenance but you do care about how people see you. You go with the flow most of the time and can adjust to situations. You will certainly try to make a good impression, but if something unexpected comes along it doesn�t send you into a tailspin. You like your brands and have your favorite things, but they don�t necessarily have to be the best or perfect all the time. You may be picky sometimes but not difficult. You probably prefer to have things your way (who doesn�t) but you don�t see it as everyone else�s job to agree with you and give you what you want.


Is my attitude holding me back?

18 - 29 points: You�ve got a happy medium going on here. You are confident in how you feel and easy to be around. You can shift gears when you need to and not look back. You are refreshing to be around and friends know that a day with you won�t usually turn ugly. You occasionally are uncomfortable with something and will let someone know, but in a way that doesn�t embarrass you or anyone who�s with you. This great attitude will take you far!


Am I a princess?

17 - 23 points: Compromising for the Better. You do a good job of balancing your wants and needs with other people�s wishes. Rather than routinely backing down or demanding that you always take the lead, you work with the people you care about to make a pleasant compromise that works towards what you both desire out of the situation. Showing that you�re a good sport while keeping pace with your individual preferences helps to make you well-rounded and a trusted friend or family member. When the glass is half full there are plenty of possibilities out there!


Am I green with envy?

17 - 23 points: Little Green Monster. You hate to be jealous of your friends but sometimes you can�t help yourself. As much as you try to be happy for others sometimes you lose control and the little green envy monster takes over. You are never proud of those moments when you stomp off and act like a spoiled brat so you try to limit them. At least you are aware of the problem so you can attempt to work on it. Try to remember that if you are happy for your friends they will be happy for you as well!


That's all I feel like doing right now. Plus, I find it ironic how I'm always the "perfect" answer. Never the too good, or the bad. Always the ideal answer. I'm not perfect.. why are my quizzes!! Dammit!
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