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I haven't done one of these in.... SOOO long!

1.Do you like having your picture taken? No, not at all, I take HORRIBLE pictures!!!
2.Have you ever done a photo shoot, professional or non? Ummm no.... well do grad pictures count? That's professional!
3.If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why? I wanna go to Australia, England, and Paris. Cuz they're all beeeeutiful places
4.Who would you take with you on this little adventure? Eryn, of course
5.What would you say is the most daring thing to do in a lifetime? Bare your soul... as corny as it sounds. It can cause alot of damage.
6.Would you ever do that? Probably unconciously I have/will
7.Have you ever done crossword puzzles? Tried, yes
8.Ever actually completed one? See above!
9.Pick up the closest book and write a sentence at random from it. "What's This - Click on this command or toolbar button, which activates the help cursor, to click on any item in the application window and get specific hlep on that feature."
10.Do the same with a lyric from either a CD or the radio. "Time, is never time at all, you can never, ever leave. Without leaving a piece of youth"
11.Have you ever tried to analyze your own dreams? A couple of times, I've tried to... but usually don't come to any conclusion, so I gave up long ago.
12.Would you put up posters in your room? I have a black light one... and a happy face on in my closet. But that's about it... I can't really put them up, I have weird walls.
13.Can you sing? No, no. Not at all!
14.Do you ever sing to yourself while doing everyday tasks? If I'm home alone, sometimes I hum... with the occasional word. But not usually.
15.What's your favorite color of post-it note? Pink man! You can't miss pink!
16.How many cassette tapes do you own? None, I threw them all out when I cleaned my room out, a couple weeks back.
17.How many CD's do you own? Oh god... prolly like 200.
18.Ever bought a CD for just one song? Nope, not lately. I haven't bought a CD for like a year and a half... ever since the whole Natper uprising
19.What would your perfect day consist of? I don't have nothing to do, nothing to worry about. Watch all my TV shows, tool around on the computer, read a good book. Talk to Eryn online, and go to sleep in a nice, warm, comfy bed.
20.Have you ever lied to get off the phone or out of talking to someone on line? Oh, many a many times!
21.Have you ever written a survey? Actually, I did once! Sadly, no one filled it out =(
22.How about a song? I've never actually written a song. *odd*
23.Or maybe a poem? I wrote poetry ALL the time, but I'm not sharin!
24.Is your VCR flashing 12:00 all the time? Actually no, I can fix that! Come to me!
25.Do you read your horoscope? Um, if I have time to read the paper, then I usually glance over mine.
26.If so, do you base your day on it? Oh god no, that's pathetic
27.Would you rather chew gum or use mouthwash and why? Gum, if my teeth don't hurt.. cuz mouthwash burns.
28.Do you floss? I try to, as much as possible. But it's hard with a full metal mouth.
29.Are you addicted to Napster like me? I was... but it sucks now, so AG rawks my socks!
30.How many times a year about are you sick? Alot. I'm talking like 5 to 7 times.
31.Ever been in an airplane? Why yes, I have!
32.If so where were you flying to? One time, to California, and then back to Edmonton, and one time to Toronto.... then back to Edmonton
33.What radio station to you listen to most? 100.3 The Bear *rarrrgh*
34.What color are your shoes? Oh god... got sum black/gold ones, pink/white, blue, orange, white/orange, black, baby blue, pink, black. And prolly many, MANY more.
35.Was fuzzy wuzzy a bear? Yes, yes he was indeed!
36.Do you know how to play dominos? I think I do... not really sure of the actual rules tho
37.Or do you think I just mean pizza by that? No, I'm not THAT dumb!
38.Speaking of pizza, what's your favorite kind? I like bacon and mushroom. But basically anything but ham and pineapple
39.What color are your eyes? Blue baby!
40.How many surveys have you filled out this lifetime? I don't even know.
41.Describe your bedroom, include all details. It's shaped like a barn, white walls, blue carpet. Multi color trim and base boards, x'mas lites all around. Bay window with shelves up top lined with flutterby lights. Walkin closet with cow and chicken ball curtains. Wire cubes holding all my junk. Lotsa pictures frames with muh friends.. well Eryn. Cherry sheets (soon to be sheep!) and a VERY warm and comfy duvet
42.Name one person your life is made better by. My mommy =) And Eryn
43.Would you or have you ever shaven your head? I haven't, but I would in support for cancer, but that's it.
44.How about someone else's? I couldn't forgive myself.. even if they asked me to do it!
45.Can you do math with ease? I'ma gonna hafta say NO there Bob!
46.What size is your computer screen? 17" I think.
47.If you could only talk to one person online who would that be? I DO only talk to one person online, and that's Eryn
48.Name your favorite type of music and why. I'm a big fan of rave music, and I like alternative/rawk as well. Hell, I like ALLL typed of music!
49.Are you a vegetarian? Ummm, partially. I don't like red meat. But I eat chicken and fish.
50.How about an aspiring actor/actress? Hell no.. never even thought about it.
51.What famous person dead or alive would you interview if you had the chance? I don't really know... there's alot. Prolly Princess Di. She was such an awesome person. I woulda liked to have talked to her.... met her son *swoon*
52.Which movie can you watch and say the lines along with the actors? Clueless... and Christmas Vacation.... oh and Night at the Roxbury
53.Name one your passions in life. I honestly, truly don't really have any passions in life
54.What's your least favorite time of day? The time that I'm working!
55.Who's your favorite member in a band, singer, guitar, bass, drummer, and why? Do you mean WHAT, or WHO... well WHAT would be guitarist, they make the song. WHO would be, either Shirley Manson, or Billy Corgan *tear*
56.Do you use hairspray or gel? Gel, once in a while. Like maybe once every month!
57.Describe your favorite meal. Pizza! I could eat pizza EEEEVERY day!
58.What color is the inside of your head when you close your eyes? Looks kinda off-white to me.
59.Ever listen to classical music? Umm, a couple of times I have, but I don't usually.
60.Have you ever said LOL in real life without thinking about it? Hah, no, but that would be really funny to hear someone say!
61.Do you find you use Internet language when writing notes in real life? More than you can imagine. Mooooooooorrrrreeeee.
62.What songs would be on your ideal CD? Ya know, there's just so many... and I can't think of them all right now. They would be my all time favorite songs... a couple 80's, some alt/rawk, happy hardcore. 90's dance! Oh ya, variety man.
63.Say one thing you've learned today. What to do to call the supervisor at work!
64.What is the best present you've ever given someone else? I'm not sure.. I've never really been told... or noticed myself giving someone something good....
65.What is the best present someone else has ever given to you? Holy crappers, I don't know!
66.So hey, what's your full name? Melissa Ann
67.Describe yourself while drunk.Umm, I'm really goofy... I hit on everything and everyone... then I get really tired, really fast!
68.How big are the windows in your house? Quite massive actually, like most of them are almost floor to ceiling
69.Do you wear a watch? When I know where it is, then yes I do. But right now, no.
70.What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done with someone else? I've never done anything kinky. Honestly.
71.What's the largest age difference between you and someone you've dated? Ummm, I think a year and a couple months... I honestly can't remember
72.How many mirrors do you have? In my room? 1. In the house.... like 11.
73.Write one sentence stating what you want people to say about you after you've passed on. "I miss her"
74.Have you ever sailed? Never, but I would muchly enjoy it if I did.
75.How fast can you run? Not fast, I'll just say that much.
76.What do you believe in? Umm, I don't know what I believe in. NOT GOD, I'll tell you that much!
77.How long does it take you to get ready to go out? Between 20 minutes and an hour... depending on the shower time, and if I straighten my hair or not.
78.Do you shower daily? If not how often? Once a day, at least.
79.What one thing would you change in your life if you had the power to do so? My laziness.
80.Describe the ideal superpower and what you would do if you had it. I would like to be able to become invisible, whenever I wanted.
81.Are candles romantic or a fire hazard? Very romantic, and not a fire hazard if you handle them correctly.
82.Name something you've done in the last 24hrs no matter how big or small. Went to Denny's =)
83.Do you wear necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings? I wear 2 captive beads in my right ear, usually an anklet, but they all broke, and ocasionally a necklace
84.What colors are you wearing right now? blue, white, gray, beige, red, black, white, and pink.
85.How often do you change the sheets on your bed? Umm, I think once every couple of months.
86.Have you ever gotten lost? Too many times to explain... I even got lost on purpose one time!
87.What's on your computer desk? The computer, printer, scanner, CD's, papers, pencil sharpener, remotes, calendar, CD stomper, stuffies, books, speakers. That's about it.
88.How many folders are on your desktop at the present moment? 7.
89.When your talking do you ever use your hands to do quotation marks in the air when saying certain words? Alot actually... and I never really noticed it till now.
90.Which landmark would you climb if you could? The great wall of China! Well, I'd climb the path, not the actual wall.. what am I.. retarted? Don't answer that.
91.Do you own or have you read, or thought of reading any self-help books? When I was younger, I read a couple.
92.Ever seriously questioned your sanity? A couple of times, yes, I have.
93.Can you breakdance? No, but I think that would be so cool if I could!
94.What's in your fridge right now? Fruit, veggies, dairy stuff, juice, pop, booze. The usual.
95.How many people do you live with? 3 and 2 doggies... soon to be 1 doggie!
96.Have you or would you ever do anything more than kiss in a public area? I haven't done more than that... infact I haven't even done that! And I wouldn't do more than that.
97.What is the strangest thing you've ever done? I've done many weird things... one time I ran around the culdesac in my happy face shorts at 2 in the morning, after getting out of the hot tub. Among other things.
98.Name an instrument you've never played but would like to. The guitar... I've played it, but I suck ass.
99.Have you ever been on TV or the radio? I was on TV once, a shot of me as the camera panned out over the audience at Energy Rush
100.What is the worst thing anyone could ever do to you? Talk about me behind my back. Or be dishonest.
101.Are you a fast typer? Very fast, if I do say so myself... well you DID ask...
102.How high have you counted before getting bored? like 2000 or something, when I couldn't go to sleep.. well I must of gone to sleep... cuz I don't remember counting any higher
103.Describe how you sleep. (ie. your position and/or how you fall asleep)I usually sleep on my tummy, with one leg out, cuddling grapes. And I usually fall asleep thinking about how comefortable I am, each time I move a limb... it's gay, but it works for me!
104.Are you straight, bi, gay? Very straight
105.Do you ever do something else while on the computer? If so what? chat, do work stuff, read.
106.What is the most expensive item you own? Ummm, *I* personally. My stereo... or... god I don't know
107.How about the least expensive? Something makeupy, or hair accessory
108.What's your favorite card game to play? Solitaire, and crazy 8's PLUS!
109.What do you do online? I thought I just answered this... chat, read, LJ, neopets... stuff liek that. Yes, I'm a dork
110.Name some stores you've bought clothes in before. Old Navy, Winners, The Bay, Sears, Stitches.. etc.
111.Have you ever read a book and not understood it? If so which one? The God of Small Things. Argh
112.Have you ever watched a movie and not understood it? If so which one? Pulp Fiction... no matter how many times!
113.Do people pick up your slang language more than you pick up theirs?They usually pick up on mine.
114.Are you easily influenced by other people, or currant trends? No.. not really, I've got my own style.. don't need trends to tell me what to do!
115.What makes you unique in your own opinion? My dress, and character
116.Name your worst quality. My looks
117.Name your best. I'm a good listener, and I'm funnnnnny!
118.What would you like to do with your life? Do whatever makes me happy!
119.Do you blowdry your hair? Yup, about 3 or 4 times a week.
120.How many clocks are in your house? lots, I'll just tell you that much.
121.Are they all set on the same time? Of course not silly!
122.Have you ever intentionally set a clock ahead or behind the actual time? I did a couple of times. Didn't help in any way tho.
123.What do you think about when you first wake up in the morning? How much I don't wanna get out of bed. And I wish I could sleep ALLLL day.
124.Which browser do you use? IE 6
125.Do you bite your nails? No, I don't! And never will after seeing Eryn's fingers!
126.Would you ever leave little notes to your gf/bf? If I had one, I surely would!
127.Ever been to a farm? I think I have, but it didn't like it. Not one bit.
128.Tell me about your dream last night.To make a VERY long story short. Some crazy english man tried to kill my family, so I killed them, then someone ripped their skin off and turned them in Tool-like creatures and mated them. Yup.
129.Ever seen a shooting star? No that I can remember, but I think I have.
130.Say one thing about yourself you've never told anyone. I usually don't hold nothing back.
131.Do your days fly by or seem to last forever? So fricken fast man. I HATE it.
132.Have you ever stayed in a fancy high-class rich hotel? The Delta Chelsea in Toronto.. TOTALLY didn't fit in there!
133.Have you ever stayed in a rent-by-the-hour motel? Yup, Apple Motel in Spokane.
134.What in your opinion is the best advertising slogan out there? I dunno, the "Got Milk" one is pretty powerful.
135.When they start sending rockets to the moon for us civilians, will you be on the list to go? Hmmm, that'd be pretty cool.. depending on the price.. SURE!
136.How are you feeling right now? Cold, tired, dirty, and lazy.
137.Have you ever written anything on your skin? Many.. MANY times
138.If so what? Reminders, homework, other people wrote stuff once.
139.Which website do you frequent most often?,,,
140.What color is most of your clothes? black, red or blue
141.Do you own any plants? Umm, I have some dried roses, but that's about it.
142.Are things as bad as they seem? No, I know they're not.
143.Describe the nicest thing anyone has ever done for you. Were there for me when I needed them most.
144.Ever looked directly at the sun? Once... and NEVER AGAIN
145.Have you ever made a pinhole camera to watch the eclipse? Ummm, what kinda dork-o do you think I am??
146.What's your favorite cereal? Crispex, or frosted shredded wheat.
147.Who do you miss? Ashley, and Ken =(
148.Name something you just can't forget no matter how hard you try. Ummm, times when I've been really angry or embarrased. Hate that!
149.Describe the worst fight you've ever been in whether physical or verbal. I don't usually get in fights. Well, once with my mom, when she threw a PLASTIC bowl, and it shattered. That fight was pretty damn bad.
150.Say something else about yourself you've never told anyone before. I'm really a man........
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