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Stupid, lil ol' me.

Ya know, even tho I only fucked up like 2 things on the test tonight, I still feel like the dumbest person ever to walk to planet. And I really can't explain why. Maybe it's cuz of my age. Just about everyone else is 16, I'm 18... well Kim is 19... but I don't know how everyone did, so I can't really compare myself to them, now can I?!

All I know is that I feel sooooo bad for Steph. Like, seriously. She had everything planned out so good, we were ahead just about a day. She had ALL Friday free for testing, yet somehow, it worked out that 7 of 11 had to be tested at the same time, in 20 minutes, where the test should be half an hour. At least. She had to get the people she had already tested, and about 4 other SS workers to help her. Otherwise we'da been there till 12, at least. I know she was embarrased for crying infront of us, but I know that I would of done exactly the same thing. I know what it's like to be under that much pressure, have a small amount of time to accomplish an even bigger task. But no matter how much we reassured her that she did a great job, and that everything worked out fine, she was still so hard on herself. Pressing that she was going to be in so much trouble, cuz the way she executed it was so "unprofessional" That's all I can think about right now, is how upset she must still be.

I'm no good at comforting or reassuring people. I suck.

At least now I get two days of before I go back for another 5 days straight! I still gotta find me some black, polishable shoes, and some muchly fashionable Higher State clothing. Oh yes. How excited am I? Wetting myself, that's how much.

I'm also very very VERY hungry. My tummy is practically puching and screaming at me.
So I'm going to go get some food. Yes I am. Wish me luck! Ha ha ha.
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