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A dream, I once had!

Shite, now i can't really remember it. I know that it was good. Once again, it was about me being in love, and the guy actually loving me back. Fuck. I know that we met, and then he said that he had to go back somehwere. I wasn't sure if he liked me to, I thought maybe he was just being nice. I was flirting, and everything, and he was kind of responding. Then when I found out that he was going to be leaving, I got up the guts to ask him for his phone number and address. I was going to tell him because I thought he was a cool person. But then, as he was giving it to me, he was being really close to me, and giving off the impression that he "liked" me too. But I don't think he ever actually said that.
Tangent: We were in the old house, and decorting my room and Chris' room, adn I think Jill was there, but I got upset with her or something and kicked her out.

I said goodbye to my guy... whom when I first met was kind of short, and skinny, dark hair, dark eyes. Then, when I went to my new job in the next couple of days, he was there, watiting for me, saying that he worked there too. My job was cutting wood... I don't know what he was doing. But now, he wasn't short and skinny, he was taller, and bigger, but still looked the same. *odd*

And that's all I remember.
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