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Turkey! Turkey! Rah Rah Rah... BAH!

Thanksgiving makes me realize what little family I actually have. We didn't/aren't even doing anything, because it's just too pointless. I have no cousins... that I will acknowledge, and that's actually fine with me. And I understand why we can't get together and have Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm fine with that! But it makes me sad that I have so little family, and soon, it's going to get even smaller. There's nothing I can do about it. I know that.

I used to look SO forward to Christmas, cuz everyone would go to someone's house, and Shannon, Mandy and me would all sleep in one room...well we would pretend to sleep, so that the parents would put our stockings out, and then we'd open them right away, to give us a little fix before the big morning!! And I could never wait until summer came, cuz I knew that meant that we would be going up to the lake, and everyone would be up there, and we'd go tubing, and sit around the fire and play The Alphabet Game, and everyone would get drunk. And I would think of how great it was going to be when I turned 18, and could drink with them. THAT never happened.

And now, I have no real aunt, I'm scared of my uncle, no cousins. They can all die for all I care. My Grandma is nuts!! and my Grandpa is dying. I have SO much to be thankful for. Ohhhh yes.

Oh, and now mom is getting mad, cuz I'm typing too much. Wahoo.
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*ruff ruff*
SOOOOOOOOOOO....I'm impatient Miss! Where's the new journal?! *laughs* Don't mind me. I stalk people on LJ. 'Specially you! Kidding. It's really flippin' early. 9:11am. I've been up since 7:56am. *wooot wooot* OOOOOH yeah! I'm an early one today. I was considering going biking, but then I realized it's practically winter here, so I opted not to. So now I'm on here for a little bit before I go shower and start my math. Yay! >_< No! Math = Evil
Do you like the puppy? That's Frankie's puppy! *pants* <--- That's him panting, not me

Ya know, sometimes I wonder about me.
Now I've gone through all three of my user pics. I wish I had a paid account, then I could have ten pictures. Imagine the kind of damage I could do with TEN PICTURES! *woooot*

So I think all the things I want for Christmas are Internet related. Like I want a domain...and a Paid LJ account. *laughs* Just kidding. Well it would be kinda cool, wouldn't it? You can make your own styles and stuff. *suh-weeet* Omigod...I just realized you won't be here for Christmas! *eeeep* [Tangent: my alarm JUST went off. HAH! At 9:16am. It scared me when it started beeping. I thought maybe something was gonna blow up!] So yeah, you won't be here for we'll have to do something either before you go or after or something. I'm not sure what exactly. Just like get together and stuff up on Christmas stuff. I'll pass on the egg nog, though. Makes me churl. =)
Are you checking these using your e-mail? If you are, I hope you get HTMl e-mails. Then my user pics will show up! *wooot wooot* I'ma keep posting in here. You're going to check your E-mail, or come to your journal, and be like "WTF?! They're all from Eryn!"

Oh wait...because I've been replying to my comments (I like how it goes diagonal) will you get E-mails about those? I thought that if someone replied to a comment you post then you get the mail...but you haven't posted a comment. I'm replying to myself. (That makes me sound like a loser.) Hmmm...I'ma thinking that I should just tell you to go to your journal and read all your splats.

Yeah that sounds like a WAAAAAAAAY better solution. And it only took me about fifty gazillion comment-reply-thingers to come up with that! =)

*ruff ruff*