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Duh... what's my age again?

I had like.. THEE stupidest dream. Because we were talking about the date yesteray, making sure that it was actually the 28th... cuz Kim has been known to try and convince us otherwise. I somehow dreamt about the date. The first part was me at SJT, going to school. I was done school, but I went back to grade 9 I guess, cuz I was in Mr. Zimmermann's social class, and I remember walking down the hallway, and looking in the picture case and seeing a picture of who I thought was Derek (!?!?) in a hockey uniform, but turned out only to be someone who LOOKED like him. Drats! So then that whole school thing ended and.....

I was out in the middle of no where, by myself. It was like I was at a lake, camping, but there was no one else around, and I wasn't actually camping. The only thing I did was go to this little convinience store, and there was an old couple working there.. well I think they owned it... well that's besides the point.

So anywayz, then that part of the dream ends... and I"m guessing that it's the next day. (29th) So I'm with mom now, driving down what appears to be 127th street, on our way to the middle of nowhere place where I was before. And then I just blurt out. "So I'm actually 19 then?" and she goes "Yes!" I, and the rest of the world, completley forgot my birthday, which was the day before.. on the 28th... but the dream never mentioned if it was April or not... doesn't have to be.... cuz when I was young, I thought my birthday was on the 28th day of every month. So that could be what this dream is about. But anyways, we get to this middle of nowhere place, and that little store is still there, we walk up to it, and my gramma and grampa come to the door, with my grama saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!" The store is now their house.

And that was basically all of the dream. It was really cracked out, but actually quite cool, cuz, I liked the idea of being 19. I really want to be 19. It's so much better than 18, cuz you're not viewed as "just being legal" You've been legal for a year, and are WELL on your way to being an adult... ohhh yes. That would be kewl.

Ugh. I'm thirsty!!
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