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OK, now it's just anger

I just thought of this, as I was listening to +Walk On+. Today, the group got talking about music, and how someone went/was going to BSB concert, and then I mentioned that they were getting too old to be a boy band anymore. And then Steph said that she used to love them, like be obsessed. Then she said that Metallica was too old to play. I'm sorry, Metallica fucking rocks, to be playing for such a long time, and still have such a large fan base, and be ABLE to still rawk is amazing! And not once during there whole career have they sold out, which is something really rare nowadays.

And, THIS is the icing on the cake, I'm filled with rage here baby. They actually had the NERVE to say that U2 still shouldn't be playing... wtf? They're like the most incredibly band out there, every single thing that is produced from that band is a work of art... and his name in BONO not BONE-O. Like ppl say.. that really pisses me off. U2 does SOOO much for this world, they put their heart and soul into everything they do.. how can you say they shouldn't be around? Youngins' nowadays wouldn't know great music if it bit em in the ass then slapped them in the face.

If you think Bitchney Spearme is great music... there's some serious issues you gotta deal with before you can step out into the real world. Ohhhh yes.

Just thought I'd get that off my chest.... U2... not play... sheesh. Demented, I tell ya!
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